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Level III


You will learn another 14 muscles in this level along with additional techniques for balancing the body's energy. Techniques for dealing with chronic and recent pain are also introduced along with deeper understanding of the Five Elements theory. The interaction of muscles is studied further and the topic of interactive muscles is presented coupled with the Circuit


A. Review
• Prechecks
• Switching (using Circuit Locating)
• Central Meridian Energy
• Dehydration
• Subjective Evaluation
• Accurate Indicator Muscle Monitoring

B. Other Balancing Techniques
• Five Element Color Balance
• Five Element Emotions
• Five Element Balancing with Goal & Emotion
• Five Element Balancing with Food
• Nutrition for TFH Meridians
• Sedation Techniques
• ESR for Past Trauma
• Pulse Check
• Pain Tapping for Chronic Pain
• Circuit Retaining Mode
• Facilitation & Inhibition
• Reactive Muscles
• Gaits

C. Muscle Tests and Corrections for:
1. Posterior Neck Muscles - Stomach Meridian
2. Levator Scapulae - Stomach
3. Opponens Pollicis - Spleen
4. Triceps - Spleen
5. Transverse and Oblique Abdominals - Small Intestine
6. Anterior and Posterior Tibials - Bladder
7. Upper Trapezius - Kidney
8. Gluteus Maximus - Circulation / Sex
9. Gracilis - Triple Warmer
10. Soleus - Triple Warmer
11. Gastrocnemius - Triple Warmer
12. Coracobrachialis - Lung
13. Diaphragm - Lung
14. Hamstrings - Large Intestine

Level IV


You will learn to balance all 42 TFH muscles in a standing or prone position and learn how to balance using Five Element emotions, sound, Luo Points, Postural Stress Release and Tibetan Figure Eight Energies. Acupressure Holding Point theory and reactive muscles techniques are

A. Other Balancing Techniques
• Figure Eight Energy
• Five Elements and Meridian Review
• Five Element Emotions
• Five Element Sound Balance
• Acupressure Holding Point Theory
• Luo Points
• Time of Day Balance
• Postural Stress Release
• Neurolymphatic Release
• Reactive Muscles Review
• Deep Muscles of the Body
• Superficial Muscles of the Body
• Postural Analysis
• Posture Principles and Standards
• Know your Muscles
• Muscles, Sports and Exercise
• Skeleton
• Glossary

B. Muscle Tests and Corrections for:
• 42 Muscles Head to Toe Standing
• 42 Muscles Head to Toe Prone and Supine

C. Outcomes and Applying Touch for Health:
• IKC Instructor Training Requirements
• Aims of the International Kinesiology College
• References and Suggested Reading
• Touch for Health Review
• Guidelines for Practical Assessment
• Balance Records for TFH Levels 3 & 4
• The TFH Synthesis in Practical Application

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